Build Your Defense Against a Federal Firearms Charge

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According to the Second Amendment, you have the right to bear arms. But when it comes to specifics, that rule doesn’t always apply. If you are a juvenile, a felon or a known drug user, you cannot own or operate a firearm. If you are charged with a firearms-related felony, contact William H. Campbell, Attorney at Law. Our attorney will work hard to defend you and clear your name. Call 405-232-2953 to learn more.

What can Attorney Campbell do for you?

Attorney Campbell represents the following types of individuals against possession of a firearm charges:

  • Fugitives
  • Drug users
  • Persons not cleared for gun ownership by mental health professionals
  • Persons illegally in the United States
  • Dishonorably discharged military
  • Persons subject to a protective order
  • Criminals previously charged with domestic violence misdemeanor crimes
  • Juveniles

Reach out to William H. Campbell, Attorney at Law when you need a defense attorney to help you fight your firearms charge.