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As Summer Comes to a Close

As we wind down the season going into the last week of August, I hope everyone had a great and government contact free Summer. I was thinking about how busy this Summer was for me. I presented a seminar on state law issues and Federal firearms prosecutions at the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, annual Patrick A. Williams, Criminal Defense Institute, which was held at the River Spirit center in Tulsa. It was a great privilege for me to be able to address so many outstanding criminal defense lawyers from Oklahoma and elsewhere at this outstanding location. The attendees are truly lawyers committed to representing their clients to the fullest possible extent and are eager to learn how to better accomplish that goal.

I was honored at the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association annual meeting to be awarded the Jack Dempsey Pointer, Jr. Champion for Justice Award. This award was particularly special to me because Jack was a "Lion for the criminally accused" and more importantly to me, a very close personal friend until his passing last year. (I still miss you brother.)

I also resolved several federal cases favorably to the client's interests. One was a dismissal. In another case I was able to avoid charges being filed against the client.

I had one client call about a telephone call he received threatening him with being arrested and the police coming to his house if he did not immediately call the specified phone number. He rightly called me instead and I quickly determined this was a phone scam not a real law enforcement contact. So I pass that along as a warning that such calls generally are frauds. When law enforcement decides to arrest they do not telephone in advance. More likely they will show up on the doorstep at 0630 banging loudly and entering quickly.

In the next week or so we will get back on track to posts regarding protecting your rights. As always remember, your rights are worthless if you do not exercise them.