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Happy Independence Day

As we start this week, in which we will celebrate the 242nd birthday of this country, let me clean up some issues and matters since the last post.

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Why Your Rights Are Important

The other day, I posted the news article about my recent victory in the appellate court. For my purposes here, the appellated decision comes at a most opportune time considering the discussions I have posted to this point.

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Do You Have Time for A Couple More Questions?

We left our hapless driver last time about to get out of the police vehicle and is confronted with a question, "Do you have time for a couple more questions?" Frequently the driver is half out when this is asked.

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The Trivial "Traffic Stop"

This week let's look at one of the more common situations which I encounter in my practice -- the trivial "traffic stop". I used the word trivial intentionally.

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Initial Contact Non-Custodial

Continuing our discussion of the initial contact non-custodial (i.e., not under arrest) interrogation, let's look at some of the tactics you might be facing.

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Can Words Be Used Against You?

Let's continue the discussion of how not to have your words used against you. You have been approached by some law enforcement agent regarding an offense. It is unclear to you whether you are being targeted for prosecution or are being approached as a material witness.

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Is "Miranda" Necessary

Following up on last week's initial contact post, let's look a little deeper into that encounter. Many people wrongfully believe that a person must receive the well known "Miranda" warning when they are questioned by law enforcement agents or police.

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The Difference Between State & Federal Criminal Court

Federal criminal defense is different than state court criminal defense in many ways. It is more formal from a procedural perspective and it is more complicated both in the prosecution and, if necessary, the sentencing.

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Initial Contact With Law Enforcement

Today, let me discuss the initial, or first, contact with law enforcement.

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