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Clearing Some Misconceptions

Based on one comment in particular and some subsequent general impressions, I think it is important for me to clarify a few matters.

My postings here are about the practicalities and legal issues involved in criminal matters. Everything I have discussed has been based on real world events. I have not characterized these events as either good or bad acts by the law enforcement officers. But I am writing today to clear up that mis-conception.

Nothing that I have described a law enforcement officer doing, whether it is a local street cop or an FBI agent is illegal. These officers use the tools the courts have given them. These officers known and are taught how to get the most out of an individual. I do not fault them for doing what they are taught to do. That does not make them "bad cops". Some are more zealous in their duties than others, that is just life.

I responded to one poster, who attacked me personally in a most profane manner. I have not attacked any officer or agent in any post I have made, nor did I attack that poster in my direct response.

These posts are simple. They are an attempt for the general public, you the readers, to have some method of being aware of what is actually happening when you have a non-consensual encounter with the police.

I have always stated that you should be courteous and polite to the officer or agent. I continue to maintain that advice. I have at the same time advocated that you exercise your rights to your best interests. That you not be fooled by a friendly demeanor or consent when it is not legally required.

I welcome questions and comments which are constructive and advance the goals of these posts. However, I am engaged in an active legal practice and will only be able to answer as my busy schedule permits. Feel free to like the posts and the site. So, until next time.

As always these are your rights, use them or lose them.