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If you have been charged with homicide, you need a lawyer like William H. Campbell, Attorney at Law on your team. William has represented clients in both the death penalty and non-death penalty homicide cases. Attorney Campbell will defend you against any homicide charge, including:

  • Murder

  • Manslaughter

  • Vehicular homicide

  • Negligent homicide

  • Involuntary homicide

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What Exactly is Federal Homicide?

Murder is a very serious crime, so it requires serious attention from your defense attorney to make sure your rights are being protected and they are fighting for your freedom. In most cases, your criminal charge will only be on the state-level, but other factors may change it to a federal-level homicide. Here are some situations that would make your homicide case on the federal level:

  • Murder of an elected or appointed federal official

  • Murder of a federal judge or law enforcement, or any of their immediate family members

  • Killing someone with the intention to change the outcome of a court case

  • A killing that occurred during a bank robbery

  • Murder related to rape, child molestation, or the sexual exploitation of children

  • Murder aboard a ship

  • Drug-related murders

  • Murder-for-hire, or a "hitman"

  • Murder by mail, like shipping someone biological hazards, dangerous animals, or explosive devises

If you are worried that your case may be federal, contact Campbell Law Office today to schedule a consultation. Not every criminal defense attorney has the experience or knowledge to work on federal cases, so you can't just choose any lawyer.

Campbell Law Office is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but Attorney Campbell can travel to any location to meet with you. Call 405-232-2953 to schedule a consultation with William H. Campbell, Attorney at Law.

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When you're charged with homicide, reach out to William H. Campbell, Attorney at Law. Our attorney will set up a meeting at our Oklahoma City office unless you are being detained. If you're in jail, Attorney Campbell will come to you.

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