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Federal Sentencing is a complex and ever-evolving area of Federal law. The United States Sentencing Commission has created the Federal Sentencing Guidelines which provides an advisory sentence to the trial judge. The actual sentence computation is a combination of these guidelines and Federal statutory law. Knowing how to properly and effectively approach a Federal sentencing hearing is a matter of both expertise in the subject and experience in the practice.

Mr. Campbell's more than 36 years of experience practicing in Federal Court has provided him with exceptional knowledge in the workings of this highly specialized area of the law. He has been retained by other lawyers to assist with the Federal sentencings of their clients.

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Preparing for Federal Sentencing

Preparing for a Federal sentencing hearing is not a "slap-dash" proposition. It requires considerable work and research, which is not generally seen or necessary in a state court sentencing. The Federal Pre Sentence Report must be closely reviewed and proper objections made to preserve such issues as are appropriate for resolution at the time of the hearing. Memoranda must be researched, drafted and submitted to the court regarding the special issues unique to this individual defendant and advising the court of the proposed correct sentence to be imposed.

Most Federal defendants are sentenced to some period of incarceration. Getting the best sentence possible is the primary goal of Attorney Campbell. Federal probations are rare, but Mr. Campbell has obtained such sentences for clients for such offenses as drug cases, white-collar crimes and even Federal bank robbery.

In selecting a Federal lawyer to handle your case, be sure to select one who knows all aspects of the prosecution including the sentencing issues you may be facing. Mr. Campbell has been doing these cases since before the passage of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and has the experience and dedication to get the best results.