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The Difference Between State & Federal Criminal Court

Federal criminal defense is different than state court criminal defense in many ways. It is more formal from a procedural perspective and it is more complicated both in the prosecution and, if necessary, the sentencing. Your lawyer cannot simply "wing it" in Federal court. The stakes are too high and the system will reveal the lack of knowledge by such a lawyer very quickly. There is a completely different language spoken in Federal criminal prosecutions. We can call it criminal Federalese, but it is a sort of shorthand speak for all of the rules and statutes which the average lawyer has no regular contact nor familiarity.

I began my Federal practice experience as a LIcensed Legal Intern in 1980. My admissions to Federal courts as a fully licensed attorney began in 1982. I am or have been admitted to all Oklahoma Federal district courts, the Federal District of Kansas, the Central District of California, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. I am available for the defense in any U.S. District Court or Circuit Court of Appeal. I have practiced in every court to which I have been admitted. I have argued numerous cases before the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.

I also have extensive experience in defending complex Federal criminal cases. I am also a trainer for lawyers wishing to become experienced and practitioners of Federal criminal defense.

If you have a Federal criminal case, you have a serious Federal criminal problem. I would be glad to discuss your case and, if appropriate, represent you in your defense.